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Zaza Bibilashvili (born in 1972). Poet, scriptwriter, journalist. In 1994 his graduated from Tbilisi State University’s faculty of journalism. At various times he has been a press correspondent, a military journalist, an editor of humorous, economic, political leaders and sections, the editor of the satirical humorous magazine Crocodile, the author, editor and scriptwriter of humorous television programmes and serials, and a film scriptwriter. His poems, stories and essays have been printed in the literary press since 1985. In addition, under the heading of ‘Poetry, Other Literature and the Rest’ Zaza Bibilashvili has regularly published his writings over many years, which are a mosaic presentation of the nature and trends of the country’s literary life.

Georgia's Heart

Georgia's Heart

Publisher: Grosenwahn Verlag, 2018
Translator: Nana Tchigladze