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Sturua Lia


Lia Sturua (born 1939 in Tbilisi) graduated from Tbilisi State University’s philology programme. She gave lectures at the university and at the same time was a senior research-worker at Shota Rustaveli Institute for Georgian Literature. Since 1999, she has been a literature consultant at Galaktion Tabidze Museum. Her first collection of poems was published in 1962, followed by twelve other books. As well as poetry, Lia Sturua has published a number of fine prose collections, essays and articles. In 1997, a Norwegian television company made a film about her. Lia Sturua won many awards and literary prizes, including: the Galaktion Tabidze Award (1988), Georgian State Award (1995) for Artistic Work, Shota Rustaveli State Prize (2000), and two SABA Literary Awards for The Best Poetry Collection in 2013 and for her Contribution to Georgian Literature in 2017.