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ჩაკრულო [chakrulo] Chakrulo folk song
One Georgian fact can be put like this: we haven’t built any spaceships and we don’t have any cosmonauts; we haven’t given galactic questions any thought. But we’re still in the cosmos, if only because in 1977, when NASA decided to send voices from earth into the galaxy, and did so, one of the main sounds chosen for the universe was the Georgian polyphonic folk song chakrulo.
Georgia is a country with a unique musical culture; Georgians sing polyphonically, their songs are ancient and elaborately decorated. Polyphonic singing is the very first sound this country gave to the world. In 2001 UNESCO declared Georgian musical culture to be ‘a masterpiece of the world’s intagible spiritual treasury’.
Nobody knows what Georgia would be like if its singing didn’t exist. This all seems to have happened so that the foundations of this country’s soul should never be rocked.
The chakrulo is a song for simple people gathered together in the face of some trouble: relying on the sword, expecting danger, with a sort of inevitability, but with a feeling of empowerment, voices full of harmony, expressing their unity, are defending what they clearly rely on for victory.
Even if it hadn’t been included in the cosmic postal system, Georgian singing would still be in the cosmos, because, as Georgians always say, our songs reach the skies.