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ძაფი [dzapithread
Thread, sewing, embroidery, weaving, practised hands, just your sense of style: Georgia loves its national dress and elegance in general.
Georgian national costume is a complete portrayal of a multi-cultural nature that Georgia has, deliberately or not, evolved over the centuries. But we should say that all this national costume, whether it came to Georgia from Asia or from Europe, or from the other side of the Caucasus, shows a Georgian mind-set and has changed its appearance over time in a way that its precursors could never have dreamt of.
Georgian traditional costume has a single essence: it enhances a person’s beauty, and it demands that whoever puts it on matches that beauty. Anything else would be ridiculous.
The ornamentation and elegance of Georgian costume is like the writing of a Georgian poem. It is hard to write a poem in Georgian that sounds false or artificial. The reason probably is that the customary language of poetry demands a high level of music, good style and creativity.
That is what Georgian costume has. The thread that runs through it is like an invisible set of rules, concealed with virtuosity, while the body that benefits from it must be ready for a gift.