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წყალი [tskaliwater
Georgia is a land of water. Any traveller in Georgia will keep coming across a scene where travellers stop their car by the side of the road and, not bothering with glasses or bottles, gulp down water which is burbling ceaselessly from somewhere, more often than not from a rock.
This is a time-honoured scene which nothing has been able to shake. So far not every spring has been bottled: springs can be used by anyone.
As limpid as spring water, they sing out in a Georgian song, and these springs are still alive. Water has always been something the traveller can rely on, after all Georgia is a land of water, of springs, of mountain streams and of rivers.
It is unlikely if any country has produced as many poets who have written so many poems about a river, as Georgian poets have written about the River Aragvi.
What does this imply? Who knows? Probably it is gratitude that you never have to go thirsty. Statistically, Georgia has 26,060 rivers, 860 natural lakes, up to 800 glaciers and up to 200 mineral water springs.