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ცდა [tsdaendeavours
Georgia is a land of endeavours.
Even today is a period of endeavours.
Its history is an almost unbroken chain of endeavour: it seems to be that this has kept happening, that Georgia’s endeavours have no end. Georgia’s eternal endeavour in times of extermination or revival has been an aspiration for a better world. Europe seemed to Georgia to be that better world.
How many epochs have Georgia’s best sons, by somehow making their way across stormy seas, through imprisonment, torture and hardship, made their way to Europe’s royal courts.
Endeavours remained endeavours.
Today Georgia is trying as it always has done. It is trying to attain what it always wanted to come about. In these endeavours Georgia is a land of continuous reforms and a land which talks of what stands at the summit of reforms: that phrase is interpreted as it always has been as Europe.
In these constant endeavours Georgia emerged from the chaos of civil war as a land where you come across a tourist every ten steps you take. And it has suddenly become clear that this is the third country in the world in its freedom from criminality. Many other facts has also emerged.
Once again Georgia is all endeavour.
The endeavour is to show that its treacherous geography can be proved wrong and be set aside, that the country can breathe a sigh of relief and be where it wants to be.