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ჯინსების თაობა [jinsebis taobaJeans Generation
This resonant phrase was invented by a Georgian writer. It denotes the generation of Soviet Georgians who were the first to wear jeans.
The Jeans Generation in Georgia was, symbolically, the generation for whom jeans were also a sign of special links to foreign parts and to the exotic. This generation were much taken by Soviet bohemians and the elite, by hippy and beatnik elements, and they had elements of a desire to connect spiritually and directly with the unknown free world.
As one Georgian subculture, that might not have been powerful, but which was memorable. the Jeans Generation would be just a simple part of the history of the times, had it not been for the great historical collisions which followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.
It was the Jeans Generation in Georgia who turned out to be the generation who took the lead in the confused evolution of the newly liberated country and in the ranks of the first wars: many of them met a fatal violent end.
Searching for the west in a closed world, and ending next to an open door.