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ხორუმი [khorumi] Khorumi folk dance
The khorumi is an old Georgian folk dance, from the coast, the Ajaria region. It is a sort of martial ritual, encouraging unity and empowering the dancers.
The khorumi is ancient, like all Georgian folk dances, and it completely expresses what the country’s life is all about. The entire panorama of the mechanics of battle are fully and harmoniously represented predominantly as a ritual.
The dance begins in a slow exploratory way and then is transforms into a summons to battle formation; finally the dancers make a circle with their hands on each other’s shoulders and form an impregnable fortress, building a tower.
The khorumi is just one example.
Every region of Georgia has its own dance, and more than one. Every aspect of life — war, feasting, love, or a thousand others, is represented graphically by dancing Georgians. Georgian folk dances is a spectacle of sudden alternations of toughness and tenderness, of unlimited feelings. A man can be almost anything, but in all cases you sense the existence of an unseen woman. The woman is tender and cautious, she seems to be evading the man, at the same time she inspires him, but when the men fight, it is then that the woman intervenes and by throwing off her headscarf puts an end to the duel.
Georgian folk dance has countless intonations and idiosyncrasies. In the end, as one Georgian writer said, it is the Georgian genius, expressed by dancing.