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ჟრიამული [zhriamulibuzz, chattering (of people, birds or children)
This is a very ancient word and in Georgian it means the sound of a gathering of people.
In the middle ages, according to the dictionary explanations, this sound could be good or bad, or it can be just a delicate vocal sound. The middle ages are irrelevant to chattering: simply Georgians have a collective memory of chattering as a prolonged and powerful utterance of many voices at a joyful gathering.
Such gatherings are frequent in Georgia. They could be the beginning of the school year at a school, or a meeting of friends at the airport, or something similar: improvised, quite a minor pleasant event.
Apart from that, Georgia is a country of prolonged and gregarious parties. These parties are occasions with plenty of wine, a great variety of food and good cheer, and such gatherings quickly turn into a buzz or zhriamuli. In fact, the traditional chairman or toastmaster (the tamada) of a Georgian feast repeatedly calls upon the guests to be silent and to come to order, so that he can make the next toast but the Georgian chatter and buzz stops only for a few seconds before coming back to life to express the extraordinary pleasure felt all round.