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ჭარბი [charbiexcessive
Charbi means more than enough, unnecessary, excessive. But you can’t say that this word means anything excessive in a bad sense in Georgian.
Georgians are a people of excessive feelings. They have loud parties, they react to things with a lot of noise and they argue with more emotion than they need, even about things that don’t matter much.
That’s why Georgians like excess. It may be that this is linked to their generosity, because they try to give people more food and drink than their guests can eat or drink. If there is plenty of anything, than it has to be disbursed; if there’s anything excessive, it mustn’t be hidden.
But excessiveness need not always be linked with generosity. Georgians like great tasks. It may be that there is nothing particularly excessive at the basis of this task, but their excessive nature would make this seem a positive factor. A man who is excessive may put himself in great danger, but this may well affect the outcome of the task.