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მედეა [medea] Medea
Medea is the character that the world has known since the most remote times. A princess of Colchis who was saturated with magical knowledge and who gave up everything for love and was deprived of everything for love. Medea fell in love with Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, who came to Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece, and as a result all ancient literature has glorified the tragic story of this love affair. Medea took vengeance in such manner that nobody could ever forget it.
When Hellenic colonies appeared on the Black Sea coast, ancient Colchis met with their unforgettable cities. Today scientists say that what the Hellenes encountered on the Black Sea coast was quite powerful. That was why an extraordinary cultural mix occurred, and it can be seen even in the ordinary jewellery and pottery. The mix comes from what the Colchians gave to Hellenic culture and what they took from it.
Greek and Roman writers, as well as the Hellenic colonists, were convinced that the Argonauts’ expedition was a real fact. Medea, her father Aietes, her aunts, the wife of the chief European, King Minos, Pasiphae and Circe who settled on the Mediterranean coast, are basic characters who linked the Caucasus with the Mediterranean world.
In his time Heinrich Schliemann dreamed of discovering the settlement of Medea in the second millennium BC; over the centuries, Medea has remained one of the most important identity symbols of the Caucasus and of Georgia.