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ნაცარქექია [natsarkekia] Lazy-bones, literally ‘the ash-raker’
Natsarkekia is the hero of a Georgian fairy-tale, a man thrown out of the house for his idleness, but once thrown out he suddenly shows his mettle and uses his cunning charms to seize the property of the local giants and monsters, whom he enslaves, and thus becomes rich.
The world of Georgian fairy tales is ancient, rich and very wide-ranging. Natsarkekia is only one of a thousand such heroes. No matter if Georgian fairy tale has magic, tragic, or comic features its main essence is the idea of life.
Fairy tales are still very much part of Georgian life, as stories passed on orally which continue unchanged from the original. These fairy tales in which animals and human beings are often equals and make sacrifices for one another contain great hopes for unity in the world and for the possibility of a harmonious life.
The essence of the folk fairy-tale has stimulated Georgian children’s literature, once the fairy-tale took its place in the pages of books. It is not surprising that the realism and sincerity of Georgian fairy tales is something literature is constantly striving to attain.