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უბანი [ubanitown quarter
For time immemorial Georgian towns have been so structured that the word ubani, quarter, is distinct in the outlines of the urban plan of any part of the town.
This quarter is not just a matter of geography; it is a sort of permanent social unit, a living place where all sorts of things are just as intimately connected as in a family.
With today’s urbanisation and gentrification, when multi-storeyed blocks of flats occupy the what were once town quarters, the phenomenon of the town quarter as a unity is just as alive as it was when the towns were founded.
You can see quarters in Georgia’s towns once again: people don’t lock their house doors, they gather together in the street at times of trouble and of joy, and the system of neighbourly mutual help works in every detail. This is a delightful, ephemeral culture which has been seriously crippled by the restless spirit of big cities, but all the same has kept its unique sense of intimacy and good will.