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ღია [ghia] open
An open society, an open world, open relations are what Georgia is required most from today’s world. The fact is that more is demanded of Georgia in today’s world. Politicians are calling for more openness from a country that has suffered from seventy years of the Soviet system, which has not been given, after winning independence, the means to tie itself in, more or less, to the life of the western world.
But Georgia was always open to foreign cultures, to foreign peoples, to foreign ways of thinking. The proof of this is to be found in practically every sphere of its life.
If the door in Georgia is open, it is fully open. That means that its heart is open. Georgian hospitality, which foreigners have experienced, is part of life here and is not seen as a particularly remarkable quality. It is more of a moral duty which goes back further than anyone can remember.
Traveller could always find shelter at anybody’s house and call for the host: everywhere was a hotel and a place offering warmth and light.
That may be astonishing, but that’s still how it is.