Other 17 April 2018


10:00 Location: Tbilisi Writers House, Ivane Machabeli Street 13, Tbilisi, Georgia Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, Lettrétage, Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Participants: Zviad Ratiani, Tamta Melashvili, Eka Kevanishvili, Paula Fürstenberg, Hendrik Jackson, David Wagner, Sabine Carbon, Felix Oehler

Three Georgian and three Berlin authors/curators meet in April 2018, in Georgia for an authors’ conference, pose questions about the Georgian and Berlin literature without answering them, question that, which is taken for granted, as well as ask each other about the premises of their own writings. Besides that, they will also take on the role of a curator and pick 8 Georgian and 8 Berlin authors, who will be invited to a festival in Berlin in August/September 2018. While the authors participating at the conference will already be established and well connected, also having a curatorial interest, younger voices should be taken into account for the selection for the festival.
The preparatory journey will be accompanied by a filmmaker, who will, amongst other things, capture the so-called “question-question-dialogues” between the author tandems, and from the collected material cut five films from the perspectives of the three German authors on Georgian literature. These will be presented in Berlin as a video exhibition. At the same time, a festival with the 16 Berlin and Georgian authors will take place. Translations of all authors will be made in the respective language. A reciter will recite the German translations.