Pitching 17 March 2018


13:00 Location: Leipzig Leipzig Book Fair, Forum OstSüdOst: Halle 4, Stand D401 Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, Author: Luka Bakanidze
Moderator: Jörg Becken
Interpreter: Kakhaber Lominadze
Publisher: Klak Verlag, 2018
Partner: Konrad Adenauer Foundation Regional Program Political Dialogue in South Caucasus

The Third Shore depicts a mystical place, too far and too close at the same time, where the community of either rejected or self-claimed dregs of society perform the desperate living. In the place where impurity, cruelty and sin has become the main values, the life beyond the bank is forgotten, so the characters have new names and do whatever their destructive instincts tell them – sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The protagonist of the story, outcast Jio, makes a living from playing on harmonica in a subway together with his friend, guitarist Alexander. The subway is their home and shelter, where one day they meet a tattoo artist Nea and her boyfriend Markus, who joins their company with a flute in a guitar case, to grab his piece of adventure in a wild anarchy, until AIDS takes his life. The novel has all the features to surprise the modern experienced reader with its depth, dynamism and the live story. But the most influential is the author’s genuine skill of storytelling, its sincerity and the novelty of the subject. The book was shortlisted for the Literary Award SABA in 2015 in the category The Best Novel of the Year.