Discussion 17 March 2018


17:00 Location: Leipzig Bibliotheca Albertina, Fürstenzimmer, Beethovenstraße 6, 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, SOVLAB | Soviet Past Research Laboratory Author: Lasha Bakradze
Moderator: Ralph Hälbig
Partner: Konrad Adenauer Foundation Regional Program Political Dialogue in South Caucasus

In order to carry out total transformation of the Soviet society the Soviet regime needed to create the New Man. The literature was supposed to play a major role in the process while Stalin described the writers as the "engineers of human souls".

How was a writer to become an engineer, how was the literature to be used as a tool of building a new society from the perspective of the party  and how all this could be practically implemented based on a case of the Soviet republic of Georgia is described in Akaki Bakradze’s book “Taming of the Writing”. The book of the renowned literary critic, which came into illegal circulation in 1983, was only published at the end of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Conversation with the director of the Georgian Literature Museum Lasha Bakradze on the "Taming of the Writing".