Exhibitions 14 September 2018 till 14 October 2018


11:00 Location: Frankfurt basis e.V. Produktions- und Ausstellungsplattform, Gutleutstraße 8-12, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany Organizer: Creative Georgia, Basis Frankfurt Partner: Georgian National Book Center

Participants: Bouillon Group - Ekaterina Ketsbaia, Konstantine Kitiashvili, Vladimer Lado Khartishvili, Natalia Vatsadze, Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Zurab Kikvadze
Director: Felix Ruhöfer
Curator: Christian Müller
The collective, made up of Natalia Vatsadze, Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Vladimer Khartishvili, Konstantine Kitiashvili, Ekaterina Ketsbaia and Zurab Kikvadze, founded in 2008. In their performances, most of which carried out in the public sphere, the Bouillon Group artists reference the multilayered Georgian culture, as well as the relationship between their home country and the Western states. In doing so, they scrutinize and critically analyze the reality of life in post-Soviet Georgia. With its explicitly performative approach, the Bouillon Group focuses on transcending the boundaries between life and art, between artistic and public sphere. In the context of the exhibition, a selection of older projects in the form of video documentation will be presented as well as new performances. The solo presentation is the first in Germany to provide an extensive overview of the collective’s works.

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