Exhibitions 04 October 2018 till 18 November 2018


Location: Offenbach Offenbach Klingspor-Museum, Herrnstraße 80, 63065 Offenbach, Germany Organizer: Art Palace of Georgia, Offenbach Klingspor-Museum Curator: George Kalandia
Presented: Old Georgian manuscripts and printed books from the collection of the Art Palace of Georgia, Archil Gelovani and Pavel Chepyzhov, also objects of contemporary Georgian artists.

Tiflis on My Mind 
The Art Palace of Georgia will hold an exhibition "Tiflis on My Mind" in the Klingspor Museum Offenbach, dedicated to the Georgian Alphabet.
The exposition will cover the period from the 5th century (Bolnisi Sioni Inscription) to the modern art of the typographic. It will present unique editions as: Georgian-Italian dictionary, printed in Rome in 1629; the Georgian Gospel, published in 1709, in Tiflis, by the order of Vakhtag VI. Among the precious manuscripts from the collection of Archil Gelovani - the Chairman of the Council of Guardians of the Art Palace, there are the 16th century theological books, Collection of Laws of the Georgian king Vakhtang VI etc.
Togeher with unique editions, the visitors in Offenbach museum, will see the works of great masters of the Georgian script: Taras Arkhimandriti, Lado Grigolia, Grigol Tatishvili, Lado Kutateladze, Teimuraz Kubaneishvili.
The exhibition will feature rare Georgian Futurist papers such as "H2SO4", "Sanakhaoba" and etc. Works of contemporary Georgian artists will show the modern life of the century-old Georgian alphabet.