Presentation 19 September 2018


19:30 Location: Bad Berleburg Aula des Johannes-Althusius-Gymnasiums, Im Herrengarten 11, Bad Berleburg, Germany Organizer: Berleburger Literaturpflaster Speaker: Christian Biemann

A multimedia presentation with impressions of Georgia will inspire you for travelling. There will be live commentaries by Christian Biemann about the different regions of the Caucasian Republic and he will show impressive photos.
Georgia is not larger than Bavaria but its rich variety is rather astonishing. Christian Biemann will tell about his journey along bumpy roads leading to the wide open steppes of Georgia and about the trip on the Georgian Heeresstraße (Street of the Army) at the Russian border on the highest mountains of the big Caucasus. The audience will get to know interesting details about the beginnings of winegrowing that dates back to the 6th millennium B.C.. Apart from that the upcoming metropolis Batumi will be presented, it is located on the coast of the Black Sea in the West of the country. Christian Biemann travelled this adorable country in late fall and in spring. His journey was not always very comfortable but his efforts were rewarded by unforgettable experiences in very different landscapes.
The north of the country is dominated by the Big Caucasus and its peaks, over 5000 metres high. The southern part of Georgia, border area to Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, is plain and partly very meagre. This contrast between the plain landscape and the Big Caucasus in the north, which is quite similar to the Alps, is very scenic.

Aristotle said that nature always creates the best from what is possible. Christian Biemann is convinced of the excellence of this claim. As a passionate travel and landscape photographer, he takes up the challenge of capturing the essence of countries and people from his own angle and making it accessible to a wider audience.
Christian Biemann's first educational path led him into technology. Later trips to distant countries sparked his passion for photography and paved the way for his second career as a photographer and lecturer.
Travelling to Asia and northern Europe, he soon learned that it is not the mastery of photographic technology that makes sensitive shots possible. Because the camera should only be the tool for this. Rather, interest in the country and its people, taking time for their counterparts and curiosity and openness are the decisive factors for images that will be remembered.
"Working as a photographer has sharpened my view of the surroundings. Photography is the medium of my choice for me to tell stories, and with my photographs I want to take the viewer on a journey and share my enthusiasm with him."
Christian Biemann bases his lectures and multivisions on a balanced mixture of expressive photographs and HD film recordings. His travel stories are animated by the atmospheric audio background and a vivid, informative and humorous live commentary. Biemann's claim to let the audience experience his travels as vividly as possible turns his multivisions into an authentic experience.