Reading 15 October 2018


20:00 Location: Berlin Thaer, Book shop inh. Walter Hanemann e.K. Bundesallee 77, 12161 Berlin, Germany Organizer: Book shop Thaer, Georgian National Book Center, Literaturtest Author: Davit Gabunia
Moderator: Susanne Lenz
Reading with Matthias Scherwenikas
Falling Apart
tells an intimate story of a young Georgian family; the husband, Zura is unemployed, taking care of 2 children, the wife, Tina having a routine job, their life seems to be ordinary from outside. The Summer of 2012 turns out to be crucial – Zura becomes obsessed with a new neighbour’s (a 21-year-old gay man) private life, observing and taking pictures of his secret sexual encounters with an older politician; while Tina plunges into a passionate affair with her younger colleague. Both storylines reach the climax when Zura becomes a witness of a murder (the politician kills the gay guy) and Tina is abandoned by her lover. There are several narrators in the novel and the shifts of the perspectives, different voices present the isolated worlds of the characters, from their own viewpoints they fail to notice the growing danger which threatens to ruin their lives. 
Falling Apart was published in 2017 and quickly gained the national best-seller status in Georgia. Rowohlt Verlag will publish the German translation in 2018.