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Discussion / Reading 02 August 2018


14:30 Location: Berlin Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB ), am Sandwerder 5, 14109 Berlin, Germany Organizer: Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB)
Authors: Davit Gabunia, Zsófia Bán, Jacek Dehnel, Uladzislaŭ Ivanoŭ, bru Celkan, Marie Feryna, Karol Radziszewski, Angela Steidel

Moderators: Volya Hapeyeva & Ismar Hačam 

14:30 Conference Room:
Panel 2: Literature and activism: the place of queer writing in society
With Zsófia Bán, Jacek Dehnel, Uladzislaŭ Ivanoŭ, Davit Gabunia, Ebru Celkan, Marie Feryna and Karol Radziszewski
Moderation: Volya Hapeyeva & Ismar Hačam 
17:00 Erker:
Performance by Misha Badasyan and Abdulsalam Ajaj
17:30 Upper Terrace:
Queer writing Georgia – Angela Steidele and Davit Gabunia

What does leading a queer life mean in Poland, Bosnia or Russia today? Where and how, between the internet and government censorship, does this life take place? How has art that addresses gay issues evolved in Central and Eastern European countries in the recent past? Is there such a thing as “queer literature“ in the first place – and what might it look like? And do art and literature have a special responsibility when authoritarian power seeks to marginalize “other” identities? Queer Writing from Central and Eastern Europe shall be the main focus of our festival, Queer*East. The LCB has invited writers and artists from 15 countries to Berlin, to discuss literature in its societal context and significance. Brief statements have been collected in a booklet – and we are all invited to share experiences, hopes and strategies: three summer days with discussions, readings, music, and performances at the Wannsee.