Performance 17 October 2018


20:00 Location: Frankfurt Schauspiel Frankfurt, Neue Mainzer Str. 17, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany Organizer: Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, Kote Marjanishvili State Academic Drama Theatre Performance by Rezo Gabriadze Theatre

Playwright, director and painter – Rezo Gabriadze
Kipling once came up with an inspiring phrase: “Locomotive is the most sensitive creation of man”.
In my memory there awoke a long-forgotten and warm word: locomotive. This creature breathed in steam clouds, greeted us in its harsh voice and smelled of dry coal in wet weather. The reminiscence  suddenly invoked another happy memory – a stray circus  -  the Shapito of my childhood, smelling of tarpaulin, sawdust and manure. This was how these two beloved images met: locomotive and Shapito. Through them I wanted to share the sense of undeserved heaven I found myself in and where I was ousted from by the life.
Ramona is a story of love of two locomotives. The play is set in Rioni Station after the World War II. Ermon, a robust locomotive is sent on a business trip to a remote place with the aim of completing the Soviet-time 5-year plan in 4 years. A shunting locomotive, Ramona stays back in a small railway station and waits for her husband missing him painfully. Her existence is filled with memories. Years pass. The characters gradually head into trouble. Ramona’s life changes with the arrival of a stray circus – Shapito. The lovers meet again but what are the circumstances? The audience only learns the answer with the twist in the finale.