Reading 19 October 2018


20:30 Location: Berlin Buchhändlerkeller, Carmerstraße 1, 10623 Berlin, Germany Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, Buchhändlerkeller, Verlag Hans Schiler Author: Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili
Publisher: Verlag Hans Schiler

Shushanik's Children
The original novel written by Anna Kordzaia- Samadashvili juxtaposes everyday’s prosaic scenes in a poetic narrative, about the unconditional love of two friends. Martha – the black sheep of her family and an abandoned child raised by aristocrats; Niko –a man who left his country to chase his childish dreams and Tamara – who still has a tiny wish for a great love. With everyday get-togethers and the constant presence of alcohol, their lives seem like a continuous Pursuit of pleasure. But ultimately, they are all very unhappy. The book exposes their existential loneliness and the fears that revolve around their inability to find genuine happiness. The wonderfully amusing narrative is interrupted by the final verdict of the author. Justified by the lovely legend of Nightfall who “gave birth” to souls and let them wander forever through the bumpy roads of Tbilisi, their souls are easy to abandon, but very difficult to forget.

Who Killed Chaika? 
Elizabeth is a single yet happy woman who does no harm to anybody. She is surrounded by plenty of friends. She loves life and wants to dance, travel and just be happy. Elizabeth is a person with a free soul who enjoys breaking stereotypes. ‘Chaika’ is the name for this kind of woman. Suddenly Chaika’s dreams are interrupted. She is murdered. Everybody knows everything except the detective who is investigating the case. Who was Chaika? Who murdered her? Chaika’s friends have a clue about the murderer but say nothing to the detective. Two of those friends decide to revenge the deceased Elizabeth themselves. This is a very complicated and intriguing story written in a very catchy way. Who Killed Chaika? Won the IliaUni Literary Award as the Best Novel of 2013.