Reading 20 October 2018


12:00 Location: Zofingen Kunsthaus, General-Guisan-Strasse 12, 4800 Zofingen, Switzerland Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, Literaturtage Zofingen Speakers: Beka Adamashvili, Salome Benidze
Moderator: Rachel Gratzfeld
Translation: Sybilla Heinze

is a novel about breaking off the literary clichés, ignoring or laughing at them. This book is an absolute hell for writers and a paradise for readers. Pierre Saunaige is an unpopular French writer. Only twelve men attended the presentation of his latest novel. Pierre decides that the only way to become popular is to commit suicide and so he carries out his PR intent and goes to hell. But hell is not the place we think it is. Writers have their own hell, so-called Literature Hell where every writer is tortured the same way they used to torture readers, for example: Jack Kerouac can’t stop walking and Samuel Beckett endlessly waits for somebody. So Dante Alighieri warmly welcomes newcomer Pierre to writers' hell, where BBC (Big Brother’s Channel) is controlled by George Orwell, William Shakespeare runs the hotel Hothello and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is the celebrity in self-murderers anonymous club. Curious things happen in Literature Hell. And while Pierre tries to investigate everything along with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of his fans on earth tries to solve the cipher code which Pierre left to her in a signed copy of his latest novel.

The City on the Water 
is a collection of short stories that are mysteriously woven through the city and seven women, residing therein. The stories of the collection, which at the first sight are not connected to each other, create a labyrinth of love, struggle, passion and secrets. The main heroines of Salome Benidze’ prose are brave, independent, strong women, who fall in love, make decisions and dare to be responsible for their own lives. The City on the Water exposes incredible characters of girls gifted with supernatural powers, girls, who fight for the life they want to achieve. They do not always win, but they prove that happiness is still possible to earn. Each of the main characters has a unique gift. They use magic powers in everyday life. These women have their own world, happiness and tragedies. Despite their extraordinary lifestyles and skills, protagonists have problems like any other woman in the world. The issues of gender equality, gender based violence and freedom of choice are widely discussed in the stories. The characters live together with the nature and the water that surrounds the whole city is the main source of their power. The city on the Water is a touching story of a journey that leads the person to her own self. This is a book about the new beginning, pain, oblivion and great happiness, where all the human fears and hopes are gathered.