Reading 16 January 2018


19:00 Location: Berlin Zentrum für Osteuropa- und internationale Studien (ZOiS) Mohrenstr. 60 Organizer: Georgian National Book Center, Aufbau/Blumenbar, Zentrum für Osteuropa- und internationale Studien ​Author: Zaza Burchuladze
​Interpreter: Zaza Rusadze
Moderator: Stefanie Orphal (ZOiS)

The book Toursts’s Breakfast was published in 2017 by Aufbau/Blumenbar with the support of the Georgian National Book Center and translated by Natia Mikeladze-Bakhsoliani.

Zaza Burchuladze’s Tourist’s Breakfast is an example of documentary, autobiographical prose, although the text is also written in such a way that you never fully understand whether the stories he tells are invented or true. In this novel Zaza Burchuladze describes a period of living in Berlin. The main hero has worrying health problems, he has treatment, he often goes for walks in the city with his little daughter and his wife, and he recalls the Georgian environment which he left behind some years previously. Berlin’s streets, its parks, its surroundings shape the book’s aesthetics, and it now is turned into a somehow claustrophobic, enclosed space. This enclosed nature is something he needs in order to look with new eyes at a Georgia which is saturated with unenclosed, collective considerations and passions, in order to create a distancing effect. Zaza Burchuladze draws his surroundings, objects, people, sometimes with good humour, sometimes with sarcasm, but, which is important, there is always an unexpected effect, one always feels the forces of metaphor. On the one hand, this is a book of personal experience and reflections, but at the same time it offers us a text with is socially acute.

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