Kunst Made by Characters

10 სექტემბერი, 2018

Georgia has cooperated with 11 partner institutions to present the best of its pre-historic discoveries, of antique and contemporary art, photography, architecture, design, typography and illustration. The Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung will host an unprecedented exhibition with the working title Medea’s Love and Quest for the Golden Fleece, representing the myth of Medea and the Argonauts. The exhibition demonstrates the historical background of the myth. Featuring Greek and Roman artworks – most importantly outstanding gold and bronze finds from Colchis and many other locations in Georgia the show will recount the adventures of the Greek heroes and the fateful story of Medea . The Senckenberg Natural History Museum will host discoveries from Dmanisi which represent the world’s first completely preserved adult hominid skull from the early Pleistocene (1.77 million years ago). The exhibition in the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt is supposed to be a comprehensive picture of the early cultural developments of Georgia. The Exhibition partly based on latest archaeological Research results of German - Georgian Cooperation projects will address important aspects of Georgian history: Georgia as a Country of origin of early viticulture and gold mining.

Within the frame of the contemporary exhibitions' program leading Frankfurt museums and art spaces, such as Deutsche Architecture Museum, Angewandte Kunst Museum, Frankfurt Photo forum, The Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK), Portikus, Basis and Atelier Frankfurt will host seven expositions of various art forms like design, architecture and contemporary art forms.

The program is based on the main motto of the guest of honour country “ Georgia made by character” that can be described in various ways like alphabet, mentality, nature, personalities that creates the country with all it aspects, tendencies and multiculturalism. Therefore, Georgia will be presented as a country of multiple cultural backgrounds that shares the contemporary values, transformed though centuries, and is constantly influenced by different cultures that accomplishes its wealth. 

And finally, The Klingspor Museum will host the first-ever show dedicated to the Georgian alphabet. With its origins dating back as early as 5th century A.D., in 2016 the Georgian alphabet was acknowledged by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The exhibition will present the alphabet’s history in print, with a showcase of 16th to 18th century manuscripts and books, revealing the ways in which the alphabet has been employed in art, advertising, and vernacular culture in general.


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