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Theater Made by Characters

24 September, 2018

We have lived through an era of crucial changes in politics, borders, society and the theatre best reflects the state of the nation. Speaking of Theatre today, it is a theatre of independence, 25 years since than. The journey of wars, unrest, revolutions and the story of hopes, and achievements; journey of individual and collective panticipations; So, here we are with the Georgian Theatre Program – in between past and future. With the new drama and Classics of Georgian play-writing, with well-known State Theaters as well as young independent groups, we present completely new artistic research.

Theatre with creative and modern way of thinking; new texts and vision of storytelling: Rezo Gabriadze Theatre with Ramona, “Prometheus - 25 years of Independence” by Royal District Theatre, “Styx” from Rustaveli Theatre, Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre “Navigator”, Sokhumi Drama Theatre “Jesus Case”, Open Space “Parent’s Meeting”.


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