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Michel Houellebecq in Georgia

06 July, 2018

Michel Houellebecq, one of the best-known authors of our time, and his French publisher participated in the Project initiated by Georgian National Book Center‘Guests of Honour – get Together’.

On 23th of June author had the meeting with Journalists at the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. On 25th of June, within the project ‘Guests of Honour – ge Together’ Michel Houellebecq participated in the Panel Discussion with Georgian contemporary author Archil Kikodze, Juergen Boos (the President of the Frankfurter Buchmesse), Medea Metreveli (Director of the Georgian National Book Center) and Tina Mamulashvili (Head of Sulakauri Publishing) Also author had meeting with readers in the Rustaveli Theater. The event was moderated by Tina Mamulashvili (Head of Sulakauri Publishing)
Together with Archil Kikodze, Michel Houellebecq visited Kazbegi.

The Georgian National Book Center (GNBC) has initiated plans for this year's Guests of Honour, Georgia, to receive guests from Guest of Honour countries France (2017) and Norway (2019). This marks the very first "Guest of Honour –  Get Together" project in the history of Frankfurter Buchmesse, and it is planned to continue the project as fixed part of the Guest of Honour Programme. This year's project carried out in cooperation with Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Georgian National Book Center and Sulakauri Publishing, with support from the Georgian Ministry for Culture and Sport. The partners of the project were Rooms Hotels Tbilisi and Rustaveli Theatre.
 The Georgian National Book Center and Sulakauri Publishing have already invited Norwegian author Erlend Loe and French author Michel Houellebecq to visit Georgia in May and June 2018. Georgian author Archil Kikodze will show their fellow authors David Garedja, Kazbegi and the capital Tbilisi. The President of Frankfurter Buchmesse, Juergen Boos, will also be there.


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